ST. Mary's County acknowledges another ACTS volunteer, Mr. Jimmy Stanley for outstanding service to the community.

  Serving St Mary’s County since July 1993                                                                                                                                                  

  • ACTS provides home convalescent medical equipment to residents of St Mary’s County at no cost.                                                 

  • ACTS is supported by donations of equipment and monetary gifts from the community it serves.

  • Equipment donations and pickups can be made at the ACTS warehouse, 21808 Colton's Point Rd. , Avenue, Md. 20609

  • Monetary Donations should be sent to: ACTS, P.O. Box 54, Bushwood, MD 20618

  • Amazon Smile  --   You can support ACTS by making your on-line purchases through Amazon Smile.

                       Https:// Select A Community That Shares - Acts, as your charity.

Our Current Board of Directors are:

Sam Brown            President                    Lynn Burton                   -  Board Member                     

Dave Roche            Vice President                Rose Bietzell                    -  Board Member                     

Phylis Greer            Secretary                      Jim and Cathy  Stanley     -  Board Members                     

Barbara Rogers      Treasurer                      Peggy French                    -  Board Member