ACTS is now celebrating 31 years of Service to the Community from 1993 to 2024. ACTS request that you clean all equipment borrowed and then Sanitize it before you Return it to ACTS. Also, if you intend to donate equipment please clean and sanitize it. It is important to keep the entire community safe. Our primary mission is to respond rapidly and effectively providing free home convalescent medical equipment to the residents of St Mary’s County for loans up to 120-day terms that can be extended in increments of 120 days until as such time as the client/resident no longer has a need for the convalescent equipment. Our secondary mission is to extend this service to the those within Charles and Calvert Counties based upon availability of convalescent medical equipment.

 We have been Serving St Mary’s County since July 1993 

  • Calendar Year 2023, we served 9,842 clients for the year and had over 4,817 items in our equipment inventory.                                                                                          
  • Equipment pickups can be made at the ACTS warehouse, 21808 Elmer Bailey Lane from RT 242 (Colton's Point Rd.) ,Bushwood , Md. 20618

  • Donations of Equipment can be dropped off during normal business hours at the rear door

  • Returned Equipment needs to be dropped off at the rear door duing normal business hours
  • ACTS is supported by donations of equipment and monetary gifts from our clients and community.

  • Monetary Donations should be sent to: ACTS, P.O. Box 54, Bushwood, MD 20618

Our Current Board of Directors are:

Sam Brown            President                    Lynn Burton                   -  Board Member                     

John Breck             Vice President               Rose Bietzell Bailey        -  Board Member                     

JoAnn Wurmlinger  Secretary                      Jim and Cathy  Stanley     -  Board Members                     

Robert Bean            Treasurer                      Chip Burton                    -  Board Member